Bread of (right-wing) Heaven

“Yes there has been a growth in the desire for Welsh independence but the fact is that this is completely outweighed by far-right political desires.” (Adam Price: a mood) Being an LSE student, my passion for politics came under siege recently as I was lured by the temptations of asset management. The option to earn […]

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A Balancing Act

The YesCymru movement On the 18th of September 2014, Scotland voted in favour of remaining as a part of the United Kingdom. Despite this, the U.K. has never looked more disunited. As a result of Brexit, there is increasing talk of a reunification of Ireland, Scotland’s polls suggest a remaining strong hunger for independence and […]

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The Banality of Nationalism

Shouldn’t Gareth Bale be wearing the Union Jack? Since coming to uni I have developed my political beliefs in a way I thought I never would. Before starting to study politics modules I was a firm anti-nationalist viewing globalism as the key ethos to keep the world ‘afloat’. Now, having signed up to my first […]

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